Thursday, September 6, 2012

5 Things to Do After You Receive Your Wedding Invitations

Whew! Wedding season is winding down and I'm able to catch my breath again and count my blessing for being so busy. I know a lot of my brides this past season needed some guidance after they received their wedding invitations.


This inspired me, so I made a list of the top 5 things I tell my brides to do after they receive your wedding invitations:

  1. Double check one of the invitations to ensure everything is how it should be. If there is anything that isn't correct, let your stationer know right away.
  2. Are your envelopes already addressed?
    • Yes - Check all the envelopes for errors or typos. If you see anything wrong, tell your stationer right away.
    • No - Decide if you are going to handwrite the addresses, hire a calligrapher, or print the addresses on the envelope using printer at home. Gather those addresses and get busy!
  3. Take one invitation in an envelope to the Post Office you are going to use to mail your invitations. Ask them to please weigh the invitation and quote you postage. Different Post Offices have been known to give different quotes, be sure to take it to the Post Office you will be using.
  4. Purchase postage stamps after you receive the quote.
  5. Once all the envelopes are stuffed and stamped, take them to the Post Office. Hand them to the person working there and ask them to please "Hand Cancel" your invitations for you. If your invitations are "Hand Cancelled" they won't get run through a machine, helping your invitations arrive in pristine condition.
I hope that helps! Questions or comments? Let me know or comment below.


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