Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Etiquette & Advice: Wedding Programs - 5 Things You Should Know

I often find my brides get stumped when it comes to designing their wedding programs. So, I made a list of my top 5 FAQ's regarding wedding programs and the answers! 

1. How many programs should I order?  The general rule of thumb is 75% of your guest list. Most men won't take one, their wives/girlfriends/dates will, so you won't need one per person. And don't forget to put a few aside for keepsakes! 
2. What goes into the wedding program? You want to be sure to include your names, date, time and where the ceremony is taking place. Be sure to include a ceremony portion, so your guests can follow along. And of course, you'll want to let everyone know who is in your wedding party. Most of my brides like to include a thank you to their guests for their love and support. And they usually include a remembrance for loved ones who have passed.
3. What's included in the wedding ceremony? This depends on your religion and if your ceremony is in a place of worship or not. Your officiant will be able to confirm the order of your ceremony with you. Most of my brides like to include any readings and music that will be part of their ceremony.

4. How can I make the wedding program unique? Just a few ideas...
  • You can include a poem or song lyrics that are special to you as a couple.
  • I've done wedding programs where the bride included a "On This Day in History" page to the program.
  • I've also had the couple include a story of how they met and fell in love. 
  • You could include photos of your wedding party and/or a short explanation of their relationship to the bride or groom.
5. When should I order my custom wedding programs?  Ideally, you'll want to start the program design process two months prior to your wedding. It usually takes a few drafts to get each page/section perfect. Also keep in mind that some places of worship require that they approve your wedding program. In my experience, they are often slow to give the approval, so you want to make sure you have a cushion of time in there. And if the programs are hand assembled, you'll want to give your stationer time to order materials, print and assemble.

I hope that helped clear things up a bit!!
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Nicole-Lynn said...

Great tips! I plan to DIY mine so this helps! Thank you.

Maria Elena said...

Glad it helped Nicole! Thanks for reading. :)