Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aqua & Fuchsia Wedding Inspiration

I'm currently working on wedding programs for a very nice bride that are aqua and fuchsia. I'm so happy to see that this color combo is hot right now. Pink is always a favorite of mine, and this color combo is so bright and cheery.Photo Credits: 1. Aqua & Fuchsia Ceremony 2. Fuchsia Signature Cocktails 3. Aqua & Fuchsia Table Setting 4. Aqua Bridesmaid Dress 5. Aqua Cocktail 6.Aqua and Fuchsia Wedding Cake 7. Sneak Peek at Aqua & Fuchsia Wedding Program byDesigned By M.E. Stationery8. Fuchsia Bridesmaid Dress 9. Aqua Bridesmaids

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