Friday, November 21, 2008

Color Me Greener

I truly believe that if we all chipped in just a little bit and did our share to reduce our carbon footprints, it really would make a difference. Every week when I pass the recyclable shopping bags at the grocery store I think, "I should...", but I never do. Well yesterday, I did! And let me tell you, I bought five bags thinking no way would my cart full of groceries fit in them. The bags are really big! I was pleasantly surprised that everything fit. They have a bottom to them and, unlike the plastic bags, nothing fell over and out and all over my trunk while I was driving home. And carrying them into the house was actually easy because of the handles. I love them, and I love that I did a little bit to help our planet.
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Molly said...

I bought mine during the summer, and love them. So much easier than the plastic ones and good for our planet too... everyone wins!

Julie said...

maria - I love mine! I have 3 large ones (look just like yours) and 3 canvas ones. They hold soooo much more than a standard plastic grocery bag. I take one with me everyway: Target, the library, the book store - anywhere they use bags. Good for you!!