Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Shiny, Happy and New

I love this time of year. I consider September more of a “New Year” time of year than January. September just smells good and feels good. I like that it is a little chilly in the morning and I have to wear a light jacket while walking this precious one.

We do a mile and a half walk every morning and it is my favorite time of the day. This morning there were children at all of the bus stops in our neighborhood for the first time in months, a special treat for Jackson. He loves to say good morning to the little ones who aren’t afraid of his size.

My love for this time of year started when I was a child. My mom would take my sister and me shopping for new school clothes and new school supplies. Oh, the brand new notebooks just waiting to be filled with doodles!! We used to cover our school books with brown paper bags and I could never wait to decorate them with my drawings. A clean slate, a new beginning.

When I graduated college and started teaching kindergarten I think I looked forward to the first day of school as much as the children in my class did. I taught for ten years, and every year I hardly slept the night before the first day of school. New children to teach and brand new crayons that were still pointy on top! There was such an excitement in the air on the brand new, shiny first day of school.

I stopped teaching about seven years ago, and although I do miss the hugs from my little kindergarten peanuts and the new crayons, I still love this time of year. It still feels like a clean slate to me. I feel more motivated about my business and have a ton of new ideas that I am going to start implementing. I look forward to wearing cozy sweaters, making a big pot of chili and trying new recipes on Sundays while Bill watches football (go Eagles!).

Here’s to the end of the summer!! I’m ready for the beginning of a shiny, new September!
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