Monday, September 8, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

We are in our house! Bill was like a little kid yesterday, so excited about the first game of the season. He took down our American flag from the front of our house and hung this one in preparation. Some wives feel like they lose their husband during football season. Bill is so into football that he’d rather watch it at home on our couch than at a bar because he can’t see or hear at a bar like he can at home. And season tickets are WAY out of our budget. So, he spends Sunday on our couch, completely content. I hope this doesn’t sound selfish, but it allows me some “me” time. I can catch up on some work, or my scrapbooking or read or whatever my little heart desires. Sometimes I will sit and watch with him, but I’m usually busy with my own thing.

Yesterday I organized my studio, completed an order for a customer, and took a long nap. I love Football Sundays.
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Julie said...

elena - thanks for commenting on my blog - and now I've found your blog! :-)
I LOVE football season - I joke that the only tv show I really watch religiously is Monday Night Football. In fact, my husband and I just bought a big flat screen panel TV and had our cable hooked up outside under our covered patio so we could watch football games outside this fall! Crazy, huh? {oh, and for the record, even though I live in Cincinnati, I'm not a Bengals fan. I am a true-blue Steelers fan - which makes me not so popular around here sometimes!)